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Welcome to Darn Cute Crafts!
Thank you for taking a moment to check out our site. There are only about a gazillion webpages out there that you could be looking at, so we're honored that your eyes are on us!
2013 brings us a new year and an adjusted  focus on life. We are becoming more frugal minded, as well as more health conscious. We are loving the idea of using more natural products around our homes, as well as in our diets. We are interested in becoming more experienced in growing some of our own food, and canning and preserving that food. We are learning about the awesome qualities of essential oils.
And of course we love to sew and craft! So while our Etsy store will be focused on our crafts, our website will run the full gamut of these new things that we find ourselves focused on. 
So welcome to the new and improved Darn Cute Crafts! We look forward to growing and learning, and crafting and creating together!
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